Why Choose KCDG

For the United States to remain a world leader in the age of computing, we will need to maximize our strategic advantage- diversity.  KCDG provides support to the knowledge and skill economy by being a conduit between underrepresented populations and coprorations.  By ensuring the labor force is well trained in both technical and workforce skills, and has the tools and connections to navigate the corporate landscape.


The ladder of economic and corporate success is not a linear process.  KCDG aims to prepare individuals with the awareness, agility, purpose, and understanding that gives them a competitive advantage and differentiation during their career journey.


KCDG also understands the historical context of the United States labor force.  Systems within our country have limited our full potential by depressing minorities and women’s ability to grow professionally and financially.  Our team is dedicated to providing solutions to create a more level playing field and ensuring there is a strong human capital pipeline for industries to flourish within the United States.


Our strategy is to ensure there is a strong life long learning infrastructure, innovative education systems, and informed industry partners to ensure access and opportunity are available to all.  We create services and products that support positive personal and corporate change and help the United States workforce remain competitive.

About Us


Our Vision



KCDG's vision is equity and opportunity in the United States labor force and industry.


Our Mission



KCDG’s mission is to provide solutions to systemic and complex problems in the labor force and academia.


Our Values

Our strategic advisors and partner firms provide diversified capability and agility to create innovation and produce results for our clients. Joint ventures allow for efficient and effective execution


At KCDG, we value:
Fairness  |  Innovation  |  Respect  |  Collaboration
Honesty  |  Agility