Our Services


KCDG provides business development services for both industry and academic partners. 


These services include relationship cultivation, government relations, strategic collaboration, project management and proposal development.  We use an individualized approach and handcrafted strategies to create long term sustainability.



Talent Acquisition

KCDG has a core value of accelerating diversity and inclusion within industry as a strategic advantage for clients. 


Our services include innovative workshops and partnership development between academic and industry partners.  We help firms create a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent through internship and entry level recruitment.



Professional development

KCDG believes guidance in navigating the lifelong career journey is critical to reaching one’s full potential.


We provide career coaching, technical skill development, leadership development and upskilling/reskilling opportunities to maximize an individual’s income growth potential through a strength-based approach. 

Technology Integration


KCDG believes technology is critical to solving complex issues. 


We are committed to creating software and applications to maximize the use of data to support our clients.